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Arbitration a good alternative against Lawsuit

A lawsuit is a frustrating and tedious solution in case of disputes. On the other hand, It involves lots of costs and takes a long time to get the disputes settled. By all means, Litigation at court can drag on for years without the desired resolution. In the same fashion, It costs thousands and lakhs of money for the process. For many people, it is indeed a bitter experience of their life. Moreover, The parties of the dispute can never trust each other again. Most of all, For businesses the bad publicity a lawsuit attracts can cost a company even more. Arbitration is a good alternative.

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Quick and Private Remedy by Arbitration Lawyers

Arbitration gives companies an all in all quick and private way of settling contractual disputes. The business houses can get a fair outcome. They can carry on, as usual, as their business. It is wise to include the arbitration clause in a contract when you are in the stages of drafting them. Your contract lawyer can brief you about these clauses. In contracts of no arbitration clause, our lawyers can help you straighten out your case. Rajendra Arbitration Law firm always aims at the best possible outcome by quality Legal Guidance and legal support services.

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is indeed an alternative forum. It is another form of the dispute resolution process. It is a choice that the disputed parties can make instead of approaching the court. Arbitration must be a consensual choice of both parties. It needs the conformity of the parties in the original contract. In arbitration, the parties have a choice of law, venue, and language. It is a neutral option in international trade. Many people and business houses choose arbitration as it offers confidentiality. The case details are not open for public record. Hence both parties of disputes can avoid public scrutiny.

Arbitration Procedure

Let us see the main components of the arbitration agreement:
Written agreement
An arbitration agreement must necessarily be in writing. There is no particular format. It can be single or many documents containing the terms. Oral agreement of arbitration is not allowable in India
Parties’ capacity : –
An arbitration agreement must follow the requirements of a valid contract. They have legal binding on each of the parties to the arbitration agreement. They fail their legal binding when you got it through undue influence, fraud, or coercion. The parties must be competent in entering into a contract. Lack of capacity invalidates the arbitration agreement.

Parties’ intent:–

Parties’ intention to refer to disputes matters a lot in arbitration. A binding contract contains an arbitration clause. It has details of arbitrator appointments, venue, language. If parties’ intent is clear then the word arbitration does not matter in an agreement.

Independent clause:-

An arbitration clause is an independent contract. Even if the main contract is void, then the related arbitration contract is still valid. The arbitration contract helps to determine and measure the claims of breach. In any case, It still helps in the settlement of claims.

Advantages of Arbitration proceedings in India

At present in India, there is a rise in a number of disputes resolved through arbitration. The cases of arbitration have almost doubled. Alternative dispute resolution is famous in the construction, infrastructure, oil, and gas industry. Financial sector disputes are being reported at increasing rates. The joint venture, private equity, and mergers& acquisitions are joining the trail.
  • The arbitration clause is being included in more than 95% of the contracts. It is a regular feature in industries like construction and infrastructure.
  • Technical professionals like doctors, architects, chartered accountants are indispensable to arbitration tribunals. Arbitrators depend on their expertise and technical knowledge for making decisions.
  • Disclosure reports are necessary before proceeding.
  • Arbitrators Independence in a speedy and flexible trial has the process preferable.
  • There has been less court invention in foreign arbitration. Hence these awards get enforced faster.

  • Technology has become important to source & segregate documents. It is a good way of saving time and effort. People across the country can access information with ease. Online dispute resolution is still in the process
  • Fast track arbitration and emergency arbitrator are in process too.
  • Third-party funding of arbitration is still in the development stage in India. Our arbitration statute is not clear about the cost allocation of proceedings.
There are many benefits to choose an arbitration way of dispute resolution. The following are some of the key pros of arbitration:
Less hatred:–
Parties are often encouraged to work together towards settlement. This helps businesses to the company to continue their relationship.
Arbitration and its awards are confidential. Unwanted Media scrutiny is avoidable by companies.
Less cost:–
when compared to litigation, arbitration costs less. The arbitrators’ cost is less than the lawyer’s fees in litigation. In the same fashion, The cost is less as the disputes get settled sooner. There are fewer chances of appeal.
Faster dispute settlement:–
On the off chance, Arbitration can settle a dispute over a year. The same case at court may take at least 18 months
The procedures in arbitration are flexible. Witness and evidence can get approved over the phone. But court trial will not agree to such things. In the same token, parties of dispute have a choice of arbitration time and venue.

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Are you having second thoughts about going for arbitration?. Meanwhile, It is wise to have arbitration clauses in all your contracts and agreements. Arbitration is confidential, flexible and involves less cost. In other words, It is necessary you discuss your particular problems with our Office's arbitration lawyers. Get in touch with us and fix up an appointment. Rajendra Arbitration Law firm Lawyers are happy to guide you.